Events Videography

Responsive | Professional

Covering the Event, Capturing Moments That Achieve Your Goals

Live events require responsive videography, one that allows you to focus on the right people and moments, capture the needed information, and hence powerfully portray the idea behind the event.

We are a dedicated team of videographers committed to capturing your event without you having to put in the stress.

Our videographers are full-timers, qualified and skilled at shooting events. We offer extensive coverage of the events by stationing cameramen at strategic points to capture the event from multiple angles. As a result, we NEVER miss an important moment or incident within the event. When editing the footage, we lay focus on those areas that capture the theme and purpose of the event, allowing us to deliver exceptional end results.

Our Event Videography Specialties

Live Events/ Launches/Performances | Lectures/Presentations | Un-Edited Videography

We understand how different events require different forms of attention to detail. Hence our camera men and team always prepare and equip themselves for the event they need to capture.

Live Events and Performances

Live events and performances require careful consideration of the venue and static and dynamic placement of cameramen so that the complete ambiance and aura of the event can be captured without missing any special incidents.

We understand how live performances require careful manning of camera and an intuitive eye for expecting the unexpected. Our videographers are well versed in handling live performances and capturing the performance and audience involvement and enthusiasm from multiple angles.

If you have a live performance, a product launch, or any personal live ceremony you want to capture in its fullness, then we’ve got you covered. Our team will work with you to determine the exact number of cameras and operators and their positions based on your budget and your goals with the edited piece.

Lectures and Presentations

Lectures and presentations require collection of information and audience interaction. Whether it’s a small panel discussion or a lecture in a huge hall; whether it’s a break-out sessions in an upcoming convention or a presentation you want to record — we understand the acoustics and we know how to capture the right information so that the presentations or lectures can be preserved for later review and use.

We will assess the facility and discuss the requirements and options with you in detail to ensure that the outcome is what you desire.

Un-Edited Event Videography

We love editing the footage we shoot for our clients, ensuring that they final product would meet their requirements and allows them to achieve their goals. However, at times in-house editors are available and the client requires the footage for multiple uses.

We offer videography only services where we only shoot the event and hand the footage to our client the same day it has been shot, or ship it the next day to your office.

Whatever you choose, we’re here to help.